Safety is our top priority. Vekoma Rides Manufacturing controls the quality and safety of the design, production and installation processes of all its rides. Critical components are made to be traceable from parent material through finished part and meet the highest quality demands according to the relevant standards.


Safety is also an important characteristic of the sophisticated Vekoma Rides Ride Controls Systems, using an Ethernet network and a Device Network. Remote assistance will be available by connecting a regular telephone line to the Ethernet switch.

Easily accessible history information will be available. The advantage of this system is that it provides a quick analysis of possible problems, through which down-time will be minimized. In all new rides Vekoma will be using Allen Bradley Versa View industrial systems for optimal ride monitoring.

testing & commissioning

Our Testing and Commissioning engineers are highly trained professionals, continuously educated to be up-to-date with regard to the latest safety regulations. These engineers verify the installation and assembly in accordance to the drawings, applying the highest standards and requirements, both mechanical and electrical, utilizing special measuring equipment. Safety is our top priority. After completion of the T&C, the customer will receive necessary training and instruction regarding the operation of the ride, and the relevant documentation such as maintenance instructions and manuals. After the initial installation customers can also contract Vekoma to perform annual inspections before season’s start.

Besides installation of new rides, it also occurs that parks decide to relocate their rides and attractions to either a different location in their park or to a sister park. Also in these cases Vekoma has turned out to be the best and a reliable partner for the customers to supervise the re-installation and service the attraction.



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