Behold Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios Singapore®. The tallest pair of dueling coasters in the world. Feel the heat of a furious dog fight between the Human and the Cylon raider on these hair raising thrill coasters!


Experience 90 seconds of high-speed aerobatic maneuvers in a duel between Humans on the bright red sit-down coaster versus the Cylon race on the blue Suspended coaster. Engaged in mid-air combat, the Cylon fighter tries to out-wit the humans by no less than 5 inversions while the humans take ingenious spiraling shortcuts to get in position for that one perfect shot!

Launched from their fighter bay by means of a state-of-the-art launch the humans come eye to eye with the evil Cylon at the edge of space while they crest the 42m launch hill side-to- side at high speed. The fight is on! Racing down the first drop reaching speeds up to 82 km/h the combatants are set to settle the battle once and for all.

7 near miss moments

The Cylons set the mark with an intense double-inversion Cobra Roll and leave the Humans surprised for a second, but the score is quickly evened when the human coaster performs a high-g dive to get behind the Cylon fighter once again. With 7 near miss moments where the coasters meet only inches apart and numerous changes of direction this battle isn't over yet!

In a final attempt to shake the human off their back the Cylons perform a loop and a long drawn spiral maneuver only to discover that they are outrun by a clever stall and reverse movement of the humans. The fight seems to end in a standoff, but while both ships make it back to their base the next squadron of pilots is launched into space again to take their part in this ongoing battle!


Vekoma Rides' Concept engineering, engineering, production and installation departments have been working for 2 years with the teams of Resort World Sentosa and Universal Parks & Resorts on the challenging and complex design of the two coasters to meet the parks creative intent to offer fun and excitement for the thrill seekers in the intense loops and rolls of the suspended coaster as well as for the somewhat lesser dare devils in the sit-down coaster.

2 abreast seating

Both rides have 2-abreast seating, with the latest Vekoma Rides ergonomically designed seat using a lap bar and innovative vest, safely and comfortably holding the riders while allowing for an unobstructed view from every angle and position.

The first of its kind in Asia

These two dueling coasters are the first of its kind in Asia and draw many visitors. Vekoma rides is extremely proud to be part of this new park and resort.