This Suspended Family Coaster is the first in a series of rides with new train designs enhanced with a new and unique open design of seats and restraint system, whereby the lap bar restraint, moving in one easy movement over the shoulder, will be behind the passenger for optimal fit and security, providing a sensational experience of freedom and an enjoyable, unobstructed view of the ride.

The ultimate feeling of freedom

With its high quality fully machined parts, spring loaded guide and up stop wheels, limited lateral swinging of seats, damped/controlled by shock absorbers and fully padded ergonomic seats, this train further enhances superb ride comfort.

The new Vekoma Rides seats and restraint system are suitable for the entire family, as the restraint system is suitable for the little ones from 1 meter (39.37 inch) to 1.10 meter (43.31 inch) depending on the ride layout, as well as for passengers of over average size. This wide passenger range, combined with a high safety standard, the double hydraulic locking units, the ergonomic fit and the path of the lap bar, make this seat exceptional. The choice of materials and the quality of the machined parts provide a very durable and minimal maintenance ride.

Various new layouts

With this new train design, Vekoma Rides has also expanded its selection of this popular family coaster with various new layouts. This new suspended family coaster is available in various layouts and train configurations.

Specifications Suspended Family Coaster

Track Length

293 m

395 m

Lift Height

14.9 m

19.6 m

Max Speed

47 km/h

55 km/h


64 x 27 m

49 x 90 m

Min. Height Requirement

1.00 m

1.10 m

No. Trains


No. Passengers Per Train



No. Passengers per Train




675/845 pph

758 pph



Track Visualisation