Theme Parks are usually carefully themed and very attractive to see. However, lots of beautiful spots are hidden from the eye, because the only way to get an occasional glimpse of them is from a roller coaster roaring by at high speed. The Sky Shuttle will give all your guests ample opportunity to get a magnificent view over your park.

The Sky is the limit

110 passengers at once are lifted gently up in the sky, and slowly turned around by a powerful drive system. Except from being high up in the air, there is nothing to be scared about riding this shuttle making this ride suitable for all ages.

Departure from different locations

The control system of the Sky Shuttle can be programmed to depart from different locations and levels within its reach and can also be programmed to move your guests from one spot or level in the park to another.

Specifications Skyshuttle

max. height 50 m

rotation in xY plane 360

max angle in vertical 90

min. height requirementno limit

number of passengers 110

THRC1500 pph

ride time100 sec

attraction Visualisation