Get ready to blast off in Energylandia!


Space Warp Launch Coaster: FORMULA 1

Congratulations with the opening Energylandia Poland
 June 2016


Space warp Formula 1-1 Space warp Formula 1-2


Congratulations Paultons Park

Congratulations Paultons Park
with the successful opening
of your new coasters

 Paultons Park United Kingdom successfully opened Vekoma's Family Boomerang Rebound Velociraptor and Suspended Family Coaster Flight of Pterosaur in May 2016.

FB Paulton Velociraptor 1-website format FB 2016-04-27 - JAY 0058-website format
2016-05-07 - JAY 0915-website format 2016-05-07 - JAY 0440-website format

Congratulations Fantawild Dreamland Zhengzhou

Congratulations Fantawild Zhengzhou with the opening of Dreamland's new Suspended Family Coaster Galaxy Express!
SFC Fantawild DSC01201 Web format SFC Fantawild DSC01199 Web format
 SFC Fantawild DSC01192Web format  SFC Fantawild DSC01177 Web format

Congratulations Energylandia!

Energylandia in Poland successfully opened the Family Coaster and Suspended Family Coaster in May this year followed by the Suspended Looping Coaster in August.
We wish management and staff lots of success and fun with these new rides.
SLC EnergylandiaIMG 9125 webformat    SLC Energyland IMG 7885-webformat 



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