Congratulations to Fantawild Jinan, China

Congratulations Fantawild Jinan with the opening of your new Boomerang coaster "The Stress Express!



From all of us at Vekoma Rides with the successful opening of your Family Boomerang!amrapaliFB0833-websiteformat




ISO and EN1090 certifications

In addition to the certifications already achieved we are very proud to announce that Vekoma has now also achieved the EN1090 Certification qualifying our company for fabrication of steel structures up to execution class 4.

We now hold following Certifications:

  • ISO9001 certification for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO3834-2 certification for Welding Quality Control
  • EN1090 certification.

 In the near future, standards for amusement rides will refer to the EN1090 for fabrication.

Vekoma Rides in Keyport 2020

The roller coasters and giant wheels of Vekoma Rides, located in Vlodrop, have been found in some 40 countries worldwide. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of roller coasters and attractions in the world and market leader in the entertainment industry. Vekoma Rides develops, designs, manufactures and supports installation of roller coasters and giant wheels. With this the company has the entire process into their own hands and under one roof.


Yvonne Paulussen, Director of Change: "Our attractions are renowned for their innovation, high quality and durability. Of course, safety is paramount in all our products. We design the roller coasters and giant wheels in-house, but there is plenty of room to include specific customer requirements in the design. In addition to the giant wheels and roller coasters, we also design other attractions for theme parks, think of 3D and 4D simulators or the Mad House. "

This is an overview of the latest jobs at Vekoma. For a complete overview go to our jobs-page by clicking 'jobs'