Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Open!

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing’s suspended family coaster “SPLASH PARTY” will soon make its debut at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi as the “BANDIT BOMBER” 
 This new custom design is created as a fun and interactive coaster, based on existing and proven technology.
W A T C H   O U T   O R   G E T   W E T

Vekoma Rides on National Geographic

Vekoma Rides on National Geographic on May 24, 2012

On Thursday May 24, 2012 at 21:00 hrs, Vekoma Rides Manufacturing will be featured on the  National Geographic Channel

Edition Mega Factories - Extreme Roller Coaster

Watch and enjoy the documentary about the Design and Construction of the Giant Inverted Boomerang by a large team of designers and engineers.

Enjoy the show!

Parc Touristiques Des Combes - Creusot

"Felicitations" to Parc Touristiques des Combes - Creusot - with the opening of the new Family Boomerang Coaster!

Today Parc Touristiques des Combes had the soft opening for the local community and press of Le Creusot.

Le Creusot in France now is the proud owner of  second ever installation of this new Family Boomerang coaster.  The first Family Boomerang which opened last month in the United Kingdom has already had raving reviews and with the upcoming official opening this Thursday, June 3, 2011, the park is ready to welcome many guests.

Vekoma Rides and Parc Touristiques des Combes management and staff are excited and  pleased with the great ride experience.

The riders are first brought backwards onto the first lift, and then start an exciting journey, racing through the station at a speed of 60 kph towards the second tower, after they return to the station, travelling backwards along the same route.

Drayton Manor Themepark



Drayton Manor unveiled their newest ride during a special VIP event today , the new Vekoma Junior Boomerang named  and themed "Ben 10" by the park.


Vekoma Rides and Drayton Manor management and staff are extremely pleased with the great ride experience and are proud of the enthousiams with which this spectacular opening was received by the guests.


Ben 10: Ultimate Mission rollercoaster is the first of its kind in Europe, launching riders forwards on their first tour of the 180m track, hitting speeds of 55kph and a g-force of 3, before returning travelling backwards along the same route.


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