For the experienced rider wanting to go to the limits, this attraction is perfect for the audience looking for an exhilarating and unique ride experience. Beginning with awe-inspiring vertical lift of approximately 60 meters, guests are slowly rotated before experiencing a breathtaking downward facing dive.

What gOeS uP mUSt COme DOwN

Especially the turning of the train as a slow prelude to a speedy drop-down, will definitely add to the thrill. The two remarkably high towers, enabling the riders an amazing view from this height over the park, in combination with a very small footprint will be great addition to your park.

High speed, height and free fall

This ride brings an experience with a unique ride sequence of high speed, height and free fall in combination with a smooth and very thrilling rotation of the open design train, whereby the customer has the option to choose for either rotation on one or two towers.


Specifications Big Air Coaster

Track Length

165 m

Lift Height

60 m

Max Speed

108 km/h


74 x 18 m

Min Height Requirement

1.40 m

No. Trains


No. Coaches per train


No. Passengers per train



600 pph

Track Visualisation