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Vekoma company profile

Our team of specialists in concept design, engineering and manufacturing thrive on overcoming any obstacles in their determination to deliver the most thrilling experience for your guests and the best results for your business.

Whether you want to create a new family coaster that appeals to children, teens, parents and grandparents, are looking for a new heart-pounding experience to delight thrill seekers or want to develop any other attraction that will make your venue a success. Vekoma will assist you to discover more.

All under one roof

We have the world’s largest in-house expertise centrum. It’s where cutting-edge engineering meets creative design and imaginative storytelling to create an experience like no other. Our passion for the pure joy of the ride is reflected in the game changing attractions designed and built by the 300+ experts that work in this group. From creative design, high-precision engineering and manufacturing to service and after-sales. This means we have full control over every aspect of your project, so you know your end result will fulfill your creative and budgetary requirements and meet the most stringent standards for safety, quality and comfort.