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Service & Quality

When you invest in a ride or attraction from Vekoma Rides, you can be sure that you are investing in an exceptionally high standard of quality. We leave nothing to chance, and go above and beyond normal industry measures to ensure complete traceability and control throughout our supply chain.  You can be confident that every single part of your product – from your track, equipment and vehicles to every single nut and bolt – has passed our stringent quality control and assurance process.

Quality assurance & certification

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Our Quality Management System integrates the ISO policies and processes within our organization, enabling us to plan and deliver our products to meet the requirements of our customers and third party inspection bodies. Keeping the majority of our engineering and manufacturing process in-house and sub-contracting specific items through our trusted, carefully selected sub-contractors allows us to meet high standards and maintain meticulous quality control at every stage of the production process. 

Full traceability and rigorous quality checks

To maintain the highest quality, we meet strict technical specifications for material quality, traceability, non-destructive testing and preservation of materials. All materials are ordered from certified subcontractors who are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure strict quality control. Every stage in production is checked and tested – by internal and independent external parties. External audits are carried out by an auditor of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Welding quality

The welding staff (IWE/IWT) at Vekoma is qualified and professionally trained for the job. Their aim is to constantly maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of our welding. The welding quality system at Vekoma is certified by notified bodies according to ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-1 EXC4. The use of these international standards ensures a high quality of all welding. 

Services – protecting your investment

At Vekoma, we are continuously working on protecting your investment long before any equipment is installed at your site. Much valuable knowledge and expertise is gained from our visits to customer locations, which is then used as input for the engineering and design process. During routine maintenance for example, our maintenance crew will look for ways to optimize and improve any parts so that they can last even longer.