A Vekoma Classic: low price and small footprint but good for a big thrill. The Boomerang is the perfect looping coaster ride for first time buyers. For a thrill ride, the investment is one of the lowest available. It seems such a simple concept: the train runs the track once forward, then runs it backwards again. Two completely different ride experiences on the same track! It saves space and money without sacrificing the thrill.

You will get back!

The Boomerang is a tall and imposing structure with the original Vekoma-designed boomerang element, which is a visual magnet and marketing tool. There is no need for excessive window dressing. The installation is straightforward and keeps total costs low. With over 45 rides installed and operating smoothly for many years, the design shows no need for major innovations or improvements.


Guests will be satisfied

The demand for a future thrill ride can be based on the enthusiastic reaction of the guests to the Boomerang. Listen to their excited screams as they rush through the station at speeds of 80 km per hour before twisting upside down three times, climbing to a height of 35m and then doing it all again backwards. Your guests will surely be satisfied, and park owners will be guided towards future investments in the line of thrill rides.

The Boomerang is the logical choice for stepping into the high thrill rides market.

Specifications Boomerang Coaster

Track Length

285 m

Lift Height

35.5 m

Max Speed

75.6 km/h


88 x 30 m

Number of inversions


Min Height Requirement

1.20 m

No. Trains


No. Coaches per train


No. Passengers per train



760 pph

Track Visualisation