Back in the late nineties Vekoma introduced the world's first real flying type coaster. Unlike other coasters, were passengers are seated in a sit-down or suspended position, the riders on this unique ride are harnessed in a prone position. With their arms stretched out, in face down position parallel to the track, they feel a flying sensation, like Superman.

Free LIKe a bIrD

Through the inversions, the riders are either on their front or back. While the riders are lying on their backs they do not face the direction they are traveling, and unexpected curves and inversions take them completely by surprise, raising the thrill rate exponentially. Through those parts of the track that riders pass in a flying position, they experience an unparalleled flying sensation. The corkscrew element allows riders to experience the element for the first time facing outwards thus creating more exhilaration and more flying time with a negative g rush.

The Flying Dutchman will be delivered with a complete new train design and this second generation of our Flying dutchman contains all features and design philosophies of the first generation, however with implemented major improvements of the restraint system, tilting device and ride control.

unique benefits of our flying Dutchman

Passengers will be tilted while riding, which will save time and increase capacity. Immediately after the crest of the lift, when the train rotates, the passenger will experience the sensational feeling of getting into a flying position and the sudden height they will be exposed to. On the lift, because of the lift angle the gaU (guest accommodation Unit) remains in upright position, allowing for a spectacular view over the park emergency evacuation on the lift is quite simple; the gaU is already in upright position. The stairs on both sides of the lift will guide the passengers safely to the ground. Experience cutting edge roller coaster technology with our Flying Dutchman coaster.

Specifications Flying Dutchman

Track Length

832 m

Lift Height

37 m

Max Speed

85 km/h


120 x 110 m

Number of inversions


Min Height Requirement

1.40 m

No. Trains


No. Coaches per train


No. Passengers per train



1145 pph

Track Visualisation