Our next generation of Boomerang coasters offers your guests a true white-knuckle experience. the train leaves the station backwards and is lifted to almost 60 meters of elevation in a true vertical face down seating position. the towers are almost twice as high compared to the original Boomerang.


The train is released and almost immediately rushes back through the station at speeds reaching 105 km per hour. The train flies through the boomerang element, enters into a loop and begins climbing the other vertical tower with the riders now on their backs. It is picked up smoothly and raised a short distance up again, only to repeat the course backwards.

And if size and speed alone are not enough, the passenger trains are also hanging suspended from the track so riders can take a trip with their legs dangling free! all the original thrill features are taken one step further towards a bigger, faster, more breath-taking ride.

Cutting edge ride

The Giant Inverted Boomerang is a cutting edge ride that has been designed to draw roller coaster connoisseurs from afar. True to the nature of Vekoma's Boomerang rides, it puts as much thrill into your park as possible within a compact space. It is a cost-effective investment because it combines three rides into one: a free-fall, a looping coaster and a forward-backward trip.

Despite its impressive height, and heavier gauge construction, the gIB is easy to install. An ingenious feature is the patented catcher system that picks the train up on the fly as it climbs up the second lift hill on the opposite tower. Vekoma Rides' Giant Inverted Boomerang is an excellent choice for die-hard roller coaster fans and will give a theme park exclusive major league status.


Specifications Inverted Boomerang

Track Length

367 m

Lift Height

58.4 m

Max Speed

105 km/h


82 x 40 m

Number of inversions


Min Height Requirement

1.40 m

No. Trains


No. Coaches per train


No. Passengers per train



870 pph

Track Visualisation