LSM Launch Coaster

Riders experience a launch from zero to 90 kilometers per hour in less than three seconds on our LSM (Linear Synchronic Motor) Launch Coasters.

readY, Set, GO...

The power of the launch forces you back into your seat with more than 1.5 G grasping for breath. A number of fast turns and smooth inversions let you experience this marvelous roller coaster ride with its three inversions and a maximum G-force of 4.5 G's.

Launch speed up to 135 km/h

To reduce power demand, our newest launch coasters can also be equipped with a new hydraulic launch system whereby the launch speed can even be increased up to 135 kilometers per hour!

The LMS Launch Coaster is available in various layouts.


Specifications LSM Launch Coaster

Track Length

996 m

Lift Height

25.8 m

Max Speed

89.1 km/h


155 x 56 m

Number of inversions


Min Height Requirement

1.20 m

No. Trains


No. Coaches per train


No. Passengers per train



1200 pph

Track Visualisation