Stingray is designed to offer the ultimate flying coaster experience. Riders will experience a flying sensation in face down position parallel to the track.

a new and ultimate fLYING SENSATION

The ergonomics of the seat, a large opening angle between the upper and lower body and a slightly curved back support, enables an optimal flying position and a perfect sight forward combined with maximum safety and comfort for the passengers.

This second generation Flying Dutchman contains the original features and design philosophies of the first generation with major improvements to the restraint system, tilting device and ride control issues including fault diagnostics.

A single coach of the Stingray consists of three main components, a chassis with wheel carriers, a tilting device and a Guest Accommodation Unit (GAU).

Spectacular view over the park

Passengers will not be tilted backwards in the station but tilting will take place on the lift, giving the riders a spectacular view over the park. Besides this approach of guest handling and tilting during the ride, the new Stingray has some more unique features, such as a vertical lift, an outside loop, a double horizontal loop and a 180 degree roll.


Specifications Stingray

Track Length

370 m

Lift Height

34 m

Max Speed

75 km/h


37.6 x 59.9 m

Number of inversions


Min Height Requirement

1.40 m

No. Trains


No. Coaches per train


No. Passengers per train



525/785 pph

Track Visualisation