One of Vekoma Rides’ best selling products is the Family Coaster line. Hundreds of tracks’ built in the past have enabled Vekoma Rides to improve the ride’s efficiency. Our family coasters are built to last.

the first time coaster experience


Its simple technology and standard parts allow for uncomplicated operation and low maintenance. It is the perfect coaster for families and first-time riders and a theme park operator’s calling card for repeat customers. The perfect choice if planning a new amusement or theme park or adding a new feature to an existing park.

Both outdoor and indoor

Standard or custom designed Family Coasters can be built both outdoor and indoor and adapted to dark ride requirements with lighting and other special effects, or integrated into any landscape or imaginable theme. Its low noise level plus additional noise reduction features make it also perfect for indoor locations.

Increased comfort and safety

The wider bodies and individual lap bar innovation allow for parents to ride safely with their little children, or individuals riding alone in one coach, with increased comfort and safety. Features increase ride capacity and provide an excellent return on your investment. With left-right swerving, sudden speed bursts and camel backs, the ride also offers enough excitement for teens to create a great family experience. This family coaster is available in various layouts and train configurations.

THE FAMILY coaster

Track Length

207 m / 335 m

Lift Height

8.5 m / 13m

Max Speed

34.9 km/h / 45.9 km/h


27x45m / 33x59m

Min. Height Requirement


No. Trains

1 / 1/2

No. Coaches Per Train

8 / 10

No. Passengers per Train

16 / 20


780 pph / 750/1200 pph

Track Visualisation