A trip on our Mine Train ride will take you by surprise with its fast and unexpected turns and sudden changes of direction.

The old west lives again

With up to 32 seats per train, depending on the layout, the Mine Train has proven to be a very popular and high capacity attraction. Its compact footprint can be easily integrated into a variety of different landscapes, regardless of whether the park's theme or its natural beauty needs to be emphasized.

mine train overview

An exciting ride with sharp curves

Our mine train offers an exciting ride with sharp curves, steep dips and rolling track attracting families as well as the more adventurous amongst us who will be pleasantly surprised by the nature of this ride.

The Mine Train is available in various layouts and train configurations.

Specifications Mine Train

Track Length

681 m

785 m

Lift Height

12/14 m

12.5/14 m

Max Speed

48.4 km/h

45 km/h


82.8 x 57.3 m

86 x 80 m

Min Height requirement

1.10 m

1.10 m

No. Trains



No. Coaches per train



No. Passengers per train




1058 pph

550/1000/1440 pph

Track Visualisation