Single Car Racing Launch Coaster

Ever imagined yourself on a Race Track? Now is your chance! Experience what it is to be a Formula 1 driver. Get launched from one of the two tracks and beat your friends in this race in fantastic racing cars.

Go to your starting positions

Vekoma Rides has designed a unique dueling (S-LIM) launch coaster for you to race against your friends and family. This fantastic and brand-new coaster shows the battle between two F1 cars, racing each other on the track. After being launched to a great start, each rider will have to prove his skills through straight tracks, curves and sharp turns.

The safe wider bodies and individual lap bars, you guests will enjoy our racing coaster to the max! Enjoy two tracks of 460 and 470 meters in a flashy though extremely ergonomic 4-seater racing car. With this coaster your park can host an extra 960 racers per hour Have fun in this brand new design of track and cars!

Vekoma racingcoaster 01

Specifications Single Car Launch Coaster

Track Length

460 m / 470 m

Max Speed

60 km/h


173.1 x 47.5

Min. Height Requirement

1.10 m

No. Trains

4 x 2

No. Passengers per Train



960 pph

Restraint Syst.

lap bar

Locking System


Launch Drive




Track Visualisation