The Splash Party is another new development of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing created to have a fun and interactive coaster, based on existing and proven technology.

WatCh OUt Or Get wet

The ride is based on a new layout of the Suspended Family Coaster, equipped with trains or single 4-passenger coaches with the new seat and restraint design. Each coach is equipped with water bombs, while optional laser guns can be installed on the trains, adding additional interactive elements and excitement.

mk905 splash party

An interactive scene

The water bombs are filled in the station during unloading and loading. The passengers are able to release the water of these bombs at particular spots in the ride by means of a button mounted on the vehicle. More laser guns, geysers and various other tools can be installed on the ground in order to create an interactive scene between the guests in the train and the queuing line.

Because this ride is designed with on-board water bombs and guns, the customer will need less water facilities and pumps, usually required for this type of rides.

The Splash party is available in various layouts.

Specifications Splash Party

Track Length

515 m

Lift Height

23 m

Max Speed

50 km/h


110 x 70 m

Min. Height Requirement

1.10 m

Nr. Trains


Nr. Coaches Per Train


Nr. Passengers per Train



770 pph