Vekoma rides proudly presents the new and innovative family boomerang based on the most successful coaster ever built, the 'boomerang'. Key elements of the Boomerang's success are incorporated into this ride such as the forward / backward run, double use of track, compact footprint, and a splendid structure into a coaster. Another coaster with high marketability, lots of fun and suitable for the entire family.


The Family Boomerang is the perfect coaster for families who like to be thrilled. The unique layout and ride experience of riding forward and backward gives double fun. The ride has several exciting coaster elements with a horseshoe and left-right swerving, sudden speed bursts and camel backs. The ride offers enough excitement for children, teens and adults to create a great family experience. Various unique themes can be made available to make this coaster an icon in your park and create an unforgettable ride experience for your guests.

The family boomerang experience

Guests enter the queuing area which offers space for performances and a pre-show, perfect to entertain your guests and build up the excitement. Then the guests enter the coaster and the train is pulled backward onto the top of the lift. After the train is released, the train makes a fast drop, reaching a speed of 60 km/hour after which it runs into a horseshoe element, pulling an exciting 3G. The train continues and dives into left and right swerving elements onto the second tower where they will experience a really fun and unexpected double dip.... WOW ....and again the train runs backwards and makes a final stop in the station. Riding backward and forward gives double fun and the attraction offers excitement for children, teens and adults creating a great family experience and an unforgettable ride experience for your guests.


Track Length

185 m

Lift Height

20 m

Max Speed

60 km/h


60 x 22.6 m

Min. Height Requirement

1.00 m 
 & 4 years old

No. Trains


No. Coaches Per Train


No. Passengers per Train



640/750 pph

Track Visualisation