d-Ride places all the characters in the story and game scenarios right in front of the riders. Each set features a 3D jumbo screen over 20 feet to deliver unbelievably lifelike images, where surprises practically leap out of the screen to interact up close with viewers.

ThiS Time it's real

Riders move among the scenes as the leasing role in an authentic, thrilling adventure and compensation.


Automatic guided vehicle (agv) uses trackless design with very low mechanical noise. Route can be flexibly planned to fit specific needs.


Each AGV can be independently operated and maintained, so maintenance doesn’t interrupt regular operation to maximize amusement park profit.

Specifications d-Ride

capacity 30~150 people

PPH 360~1200 people

seating (single vehicle) 1500 Kg

building space27mx26mx8m

including power/controlroom33mx26mx8m

control system electricity2.3 kW

single vehicle electricity2.8 Kw

attraction Visualisation