Another attraction suitable for the family offers an unexpectedly real optical illusion. watch families entering together, parents excited by their kids' enthusiasm for the unknown. The Mad House is able to disorienting the guests by creating both a sense of weightlessness and of being spun upside down.

Real Optical Illusion

The basic unit that creates this effect of physical and optical illusion consists of several rows of seats attached to a swaying gondola within a rotating drum. Show features during the show or pre-show, build up the suspense, a magician for instance could be casting an imaginary spell over the audience in the room, and then letting the seats rock and the room revolve during the show.

Suitable for all age groups

The guests will leave happily surprised believing that the rules of gravity have just been fooled right in front of them. The mad house is suitable for all age groups, even for real thrill seekers because of its strong impact and element of surprise. No high speed or G-forces are involved, and wear on the attraction is minimal, its durability virtually endless.

The concept fits into any theme imaginable, from a room in a haunted house to a hideaway underneath an enchanted tree. The themes can be revised, upgraded or changed by adapting the computer controlled sequence and movement of the gondola to a new theme whenever you need to. It can either be part of a large-scale attraction park or smaller family theme park.

Vekoma decided to combine the possibilities of the well known traditional funhouses with a fresh, large scale approach to breathe new life into this imaginary type of attraction. Whenever a new approach is needed, Vekoma Rides is the company to contact.

Specifications Madhouse

Seat Capacity



Rotation Drum



Rotation Gondola




L12 x W9 x H11 m

L14 x W12 x H11 m

Height Limit

No Limit

No Limit


685 pph

1335 pph