Brogent Technologies and Vekoma Rides are proud to present the Panoramic Flight Simulator Attraction for amusementparks and shopping malls. The first significant innovation in simulator technology in many years.

The Innovation In Simulator Technology

Brogent Technologies has built years of reputation and technology in flight simulator, 360° theater, multimedia system integration and 3d animation production. I-Ride is Brogent's Panoramic Flight Simulator for amusement parks and shopping malls, the first significant innovation in simulator technology in many years.

Based on a proven system

I-ride is a flight simulator composed of a spherical screen, projection system and 9 moveable platform units for a total of 90 passengers (or alternatively with 16 platforms for 160 passengers.) the motion platform of I-ride system is based on units of a proven system, which were built many times since 1995 as flight, tank and train simulators.

The sophisticated motion platform provides six Degree of Freedom (6-dOF). This means simulator can be moved in the six ways: heave, Sway, Surge, pitch, roll and yaw. The flight experience can be enhanced with 4d effects such as wind and spray mist. I-ride offers the most exhilarating and breath-taking bird's eye view experience!


Specifications 90 Seat I-RIde

Size in total (LxWxh):


Base Vehicle (LxWxH):


total number of passengers:


passenger carrying unit:

10-seat gondolas

Allowable passenger size:

1.0 to 1.95 m

Maximum capacity

900 pph

(hourly capacity may vary depending on film duration)

Available in various configurations for 90 or 160 passengers with 2 DOF or 6 DOF as well as custom designed to your specifications.

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