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Press release


On the former football field in Vlodrop, the new Vekoma campus is being built! The construction sign has been unveiled, and the initial work is in full swing. Vekoma is building the future!

Over the years, Vekoma has experienced significant growth, leading to changing logistical needs. Temporary offices were set up following a fire in the early 1990s. These temporary offices lack capacity, have illogical layouts, and no longer comply with current laws and regulations.

Due to the lack of capacity, storage options, and the outdated nature of the current location, research has been conducted to find an alternative solution. Vlodrop holds a special significance for Vekoma, being easily accessible for current employees and providing the right facilities based on location needs.

The campus is renowned for its innovative and high-quality character, mirroring the products it produces. The campus is representative, functional, and reflects Vekoma's identity as "a progressive company focused on providing innovative and high-quality solutions to its customers." In a green, inspiring environment, the campus's role is to support connectivity between employees and production processes.

In addition to developing approximately 300 workstations, two types of production halls will be built, along with a spacious warehouse and a multi-story office building including meeting rooms and a restaurant. All buildings will be equipped with the latest technologies to support employees as effectively, efficiently, and innovatively as possible in their work.

By repositioning the headquarters, assembly, and the warehouse, space will be created on the current Schaapweg site. The current offices will be (partially) demolished and rebuilt to accommodate full track production. Vekoma will thus merge two locations (Roermond and Vlodrop), creating one unified site.

Legislation regarding sustainability is being tightened annually. Additionally, reducing the ecological footprint is of general importance. Sustainability will also be a key focus for the new Vekoma campus and the revamped track production location. To determine the level of ambition, Vekoma uses the DCBA method and a comprehensive approach to strengthen this ambition. The potential for sustainability certification will be thoroughly explored, such as BREEAM qualification or WELL certification.

Sustainability is also a focus during the renovation of the current offices into the track production location, with extra attention given to climate control and optimizing working conditions.


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