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Congratulations to Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage!

Congratulations to Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage with the opening of the Hyper Space Warp "Celestial Gauntlet"
a newly designed high-speed, high-thrill looping coaster!

The refreshing take on the classic looping coaster provides spectacular elements and a mix of airtime hills, inversions and two underground tunnels.

It's the perfect mid-sized thrill coaster for adventurous thrill-seekers. In addition, the striking yellow-purple color pattern that fits very well in the parks set up and scenery gives this coaster that WOW-factor! The trains that consist of our new vehicle system offering a comfortable and extremely smooth ride with safety and ergonomics as the focus of the design. Hyper Space Warp provides you an extremely thrilling and fun ride experience.


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