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New Firestorm 'Wrath of Zeus' launched!

Despite the COVID19 pandemic Vekoma’s ingenuity keeps parks around the globe moving!

Vekoma congratulates Vinpearl with the opening of the first Firestorm Launch Coaster at VinWonders Phú Quõc in Vietnam. The challenges posed to Vinpearl and Vekoma, were overcome by utilizing tools to provide online training for supervisors during installation. T&C were done online as well. The ride’s Internet connection to Vekoma’s home base gives the engineers of both Vinpearl and Vekoma the opportunity to work closely together on the operations and maintenance.

The Firestorm is equipped with Vekoma’s MK1101 train. The 16 riders are safely secured in their comfortable seats, with individual lapbar restraints equipped with a flexible polystyrene vest that comfortably stabilizes the rider’s upperbody, but doesn't take away from the experience.

From the launch the train blasts off to a speed of over 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds! What follows is a thrilling ride that includes 3 inversions, 4 airtime hills and 6 forceful turns. A unique combination of thrills and sights present an experience that excites until the end!

Get a taste of this great ride:

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