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Press release

Europe's longest intertwining coasters officially opened at Emerald Park!

Emerald Park in Ireland has officially opened its first fully themed and immersive land, Tír Na nÓg – the Land of Eternal Youth - featuring Vekoma’s intertwining family and thrill coasters ‘Na Fianna Force’ and ‘The Quest’!

The Suspended Thrill Coaster reaches heights of 32 meters and speeds of up to 90km/h. You'll experience an adrenaline rush like no other with heart pounding fun, 3 inversions, multiple airtime moments, daring twists and high-speed drops. Put your bravery to the test on this ultimate thrill seeker ride! Intertwined with ‘Na Fianna Force’ is the Family Boomerang ‘The Quest’, which will have riders embark on a quest to the mystical land of Tír na nÓg. Soar to the top of a ruined castle tower as you travel at speeds up to 60km/h and heights of 25 metres. On this unique family coaster, prepare to travel forward and backwards, expect plenty of airtime hills, dives through trenches and turn through castles in this unique family coaster.

Emerald Park Managing Director Charles Coyle said it was the largest investment in tourism in Ireland in at least five years. "€22 million has been invested so it's a huge, proud and exciting moment and it's the culmination of seven years of hard work. It's really unique there's nothing else like it in Europe." The project was started by the late founder of the park, his father Raymond Coyle. "It's the last deal he shook hands on. It's a bittersweet moment but it's also a proud moment as well because this brings his vision to life.

Together with 65 coaster enthusiasts from around the world, the national Irish TV channels and press, the Vekoma team attended the official opening at the park. In the afternoon, the park welcomed the first families who are season passholders to take a first ride on the new coasters. There is nothing more fun than seeing the first-time reactions and smiling faces, ready for another ride! These intertwining coasters are the perfect combination of family fun and thrilling adventure and have received nothing but raving reviews!



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