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On June 3rd the Swedish amusement park Furuvik officially opened Family Launch Coaster ‘Lightning’. This new coaster manufactured by Vekoma, offers a family-thrill experience that is designed with a wide variation of surprising track elements and high-speed gravity sections. With a launch speed of 75 km/h in just 3 seconds, propelled by a magnetic launch, ‘Lightning’ is the fastest Family Launch Coaster in the world for young kids and daredevils.

The 430 meter ride is starting from a stand still launch in the station followed by lots of exciting twists, turns and airtime. The pacing of the ride is very high and due to lots of ride elements at close proximity to the ground, it feels even faster. After this exhilarating ride sequence the train is flying at 40 km/h through the station for yet another launch to 75 km/h riding it all again. With a total of 860 meters ride experience and minimum height requirement of 100cm, ‘Lightning’ offers maximum fun for everyone! 

“We are thrilled to finally have this ride in place and ready for our guests, whom we have been eagerly anticipating. It’s incredibly exciting, and I’m confident it will be loved by both young and old. I’m personally super excited to experience it myself,” says Sandra Wilke, CEO at Furuvik. Peter Osbeck, Senior Ride Manager at Parks and Resorts Scandinavia, adds, “Lightning is a massive investment and without doubt the biggest attraction in Furuvik’s history. It’s really cool that Furuvik now has its own launch coaster; a gigantic roller coaster that takes off at the speed of lightning right from the start.”


Photo credit: Fredrik Söder / Furuvik

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