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North America's first Family Boomerang opens at Holiday World!

Congratulations to Holiday World with the official opening of North America's first Family Boomerang 'Good Gravy!' 

Who's ready to join this 1,500-foot wild ride to save Thanksgiving dinner? You’ll travel forward up a seven-stories-tall spike, then backward to make more gravy and save Thanksgiving dinner. With a 38-inch minimum height and a max speed of 37 mph, this ride is sure to excite the whole family!

The new Vekoma family boomerang brings a charming addition to the park, providing an immersive experience that marks the full utilization of Holiday World’s Thanksgiving-themed area. The cost-effective ride solution from Vekoma and the ability to reuse existing infrastructure from a previous attraction located on the same site gave Holiday World the ability to devote extra resources to creating a truly immersive experience.

The custom Vekoma layout surrounds a plaza dubbed Stuffing Springs, which is home to what Holiday World calls an “Instagram Garden” filled with oversized kitchen items.  According to Koch-Blumhardt, “Instagram moments are as powerful as the attraction. People want that photo moment.”

The queue takes guests through the home of Grandma Gracy, who is known for her gravy and where the table is set for Thanksgiving dinner. All of Holiday World’s staff worked to create an authentic vintage living room, bathroom, teen bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, even going as far as to donate family heirlooms to infuse the queue with character and high-quality pieces.  Holiday World’s IT team even built a replica of an antique television that plays vintage park commercials. “The whole team was involved at every level,” says Eckert.

The home tour ends in the garage, where riders board the one-of-a-kind gravy boat-themed train for the journey along a 1,500-foot-long, cranberry-colored track backwards and forwards up a 77-foot-tall vertical spike and through a 17-foot-long cranberry sauce can tunnel. “The theming makes it a marquee attraction,” says Eckert. As the unique attraction opens to guests for the first time, everyone at Holiday World is thrilled by the results. “We raised the bar very high for ourselves,” says Eckert. “Every project will now have to meet the Good Gravy level.”




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